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Virtual accounting

Get your head in the cloud

It’s the 21st Century. And cloud accounting is where your business needs to be. It really is a no-brainer.

Cloud Accounting
  • Cloud-based information can be updated and accessed from any internet-enabled device at anytime, anywhere in the world
  • No need to store and manage data
  • Work together with the accountant in real time instead of having to send the accountant the data file each time a new entry is made.
  • Safe and secure: info stored in the cloud therefore no downtime in the case of theft, fire, natural disaster or data loss.
  • Only one ledger kept in the cloud, which improves the accuracy of the information and minimises errors.
  • Low maintenance. Everything is managed by the cloud service provider. Updates are free and automatically implemented.
  • Multi-user access facilitating online collaboration with your team.
  • Everything is backed up automatically.
Traditional Accounting
  • Info works on one computer. Essentially your business is chained to your office computer and office hours
  • Maintain expensive computer hardware and software
  • Data bounces from place to place, either via USB drive or email. This is unsecure, unreliable, and inefficient.
  • Info stored on hardware, susceptible to the elements and human error (water spills, accidental deletion, unsaved work, etc.).
  • Often multiple versions of the ledger which can create confusion and lead to errors.
  • High maintenance and costly. Software upgrades, system administration costs and server failures are all things you need to worry about.
  • User access is restricted to one person. Key personnel are unable to access info when they need to.
  • Backing up is costly and complicated.
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